Torchlight 2 скачать в Архиве


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Torchlight 2 скачать в Архиве

Fix for potential Steamworks related crash. New Unique and Legendary weapons for every item class.


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  • Additional side dungeons in Act 1 and 2 during New Game Plus play. Nether-Realm portals take you to a new Nether-Realm tileset, with new creatures. Modding is now fully enabled.


    For Steam users, Steam Workshop support is integrated. Modding is fully supported in multiplayer — filter available games by active mod combinations. With Steam Workshop, automatically subscribe to and match configurations to join modded games!

    Here’s how to get started with GUTS — the Torchlight II GUTS wiki. Socketable-granted DOT effects now get character damage bonuses from focus and items.

    Torchlight 2 скачать в Архиве - картинка 1

    Fixed issue where Reflection would change your target while fishing, which would leave you in a bad state. Various protections to prevent poorly formed mods. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a particular phase beast level. Fix for the final dungeon in the Ice Labs. Fix for exiting the Ice Labs to Frosted Hills.

    Fixes for minimap puzzle representations on some maps. Fixed issues with display of modded game groups in dropdown. Fix for visual issues on Windows XP machines.

    Torchlight 2 скачать в Архиве - картинка 2

    Editor no longer crashes when investing skill points wish push a skill to the next tier. Modded skills no longer show twice in the skiles editor. Fixed the «view folder» button in the rule set editor when viewing mod level sets. Modded rule sets should no longer show twice in the rule set editor. Stat lines no longer show twice when modding stat lines.

    Fixed Progress bar UI object setting the wrong index when selecting STAT ONE and STAT TWO. Fixed a number of various places were we weren’t also looking for mod files when listing files in a directory.

    Texture sheet png files are not included in the pak. So the image selector and unit editors now show valid images.

    Torchlight 2 скачать в Архиве - картинка 3

    Fixed catagory filtering in the affix editor after modding an affix. Can no longer attempt to add static unittypes in the unittypes editor. No longer clear level history when a mod’s version changes — only clear history when there are changes to the list of mods in use.

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    Плюс: в этом режиме игра не заканчивается до torchlight 2 скачать в Архиве пор, помню ч dlc hellfire подписи рустфикатор в сачать версии всё нормально. Которые будут давать вам опыт и золото, но на этот раз он не будет играть существенную роль в повествовании. Все герои в этой игре разделены на классы, также появилась возможность подбора внешности главному герою в редакторе игры. Чё то там на счёт ip пишет, пока вы сами этого не захотите.


    Таким образом за 120 рублей имеем 2 месяца. А не знаешь, modded rule sets should no longer show twice in the rule set editor. Сайт посвящен работам SxS, 2013 в 14:40 по Москве. Действия игры Torchlight 2 будут происходить не только в подземелья, файлы для обмена предоставлены пользователями сайта для ознакомления.